Why Pilates?

Because it strengthens your muscles.
Because it increases your mobility and makes your body supple.
Because it gives you a new, wonderful feeling for your body.
Because it helps you reduce stress and tension.
Because it improves your quality of life through conscious movement.
Because you can feel the difference.
Because it works.

Your Pilates Personal Training

Do you want to do something good for yourself and your body? Are you looking for a training tailored to your needs, helping you to reach your goals?
I am here to support you with this.

We will start in your first session by taking the time to discuss your goals and identify your current physical condition through a few exercises. Based on the results, I will prepare a customized training program, adjusting each and every session to you and your uniqueness.

The training environment is private and calm. We have the studio to ourselves as a space to talk openly about objectives or difficulties: the path we take for your training is the result of our interaction. 

In every training you will benefit from my individual support and undivided attention, and you can expect a good dose of positive energy and enthusiasm. And if you like being challenged, I will help you to grow beyond your limits.

Progress, not Perfection

“In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body”
J.H. Pilates

I love this quote from Joseph Pilates. To me it is important that your development follows an individual path and that you rely on your subjective body feeling and well-being - not on a mainstream ideal of body, health and beauty.

When it comes to training, we do not focus so much on what an exercise should look like, rather on how it feels to you. I strongly believe, that movement, especially in the form of Pilates, has a great healing power, and I invite you to get to know your own body better, to feel it, and to be amazed by discovering what it can do.

Sustainable results through Pilates

Pilates is a functional training method, which strengthens the whole body, in which a special focus is placed on the deep muscles of the trunk - your core. By not only training the outer, more obvious muscles, Pilates ensures more sustainable and long-lasting results by improving your strength, flexibility and posture.

The training is very effective and yet gentle on the joints. When training we strengthen, stabilize, mobilize and stretch at the same time, so that the muscles always remain long and supple and localized tensions and knots become a thing of the past. This way Pilates keeps you young and fit!

The discipline is also considered a holistic training: becoming aware of the body while it moves and at the same time consciously steering the breathing, which ensure that body and mind are aligned with each other. Therefore, after each session you will feel not only physically but also mentally strengthened and grounded. Last but not least, serotonin and dopamine are released in your body during exercise fostering a feeling of happiness and a good mood.

That is why a training session is always a good idea - also as a break from everyday life when everything might seem to go wrong. After exercising everything falls into place again.

The Right Time is „Ora“

If you are longing for more movement, a new feeling for your own body and body-positive training, the best time to start is now. In order to get started with Pilates, you do not have to meet any fitness prerequisites nor buy special gear. You can begin immediately and experience the first results straight away.

Perhaps, you have already been looking specifically for an opportunity to practice Pilates in Cologne, but you do not feel like joining a group training session and you wish for a refined and private setting for your training. If so, then my beautiful boutique studio is exactly what you have been hoping for. Go ahead and reserve your first session right away.
I’m looking forward to seeing you here.

Ora Pilates Studio

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