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Knowing one’s own body and understanding its signals is crucial to a healthy lifestyle.
Our body actually knows exactly what we need. Nonetheless, due to our mostly hectic everyday life, increasingly taking place sitting in front of screens, we experience more and more difficulties in correctly interpreting the signals it sends us – until they manifest in more extreme ways, for instance as pain and tension. Therefore, in my personal training, conscious body-awareness plays a central role.
In my new Pilates studio in Cologne, I help you through targeted exercises to restore the connection to your body and to stay healthy and fit in the long term. Since every person and their physical conditions are different, you can expect a very individual training program specifically tailored to you and your needs. For your session you do not need any previous knowledge or a certain fitness level, just the willingness to do something good for yourself and your body. Everything else will follow.

Pilates is all (or mostly) about your core: through the training you strengthen the deep muscles of your entire body, with a special focus on your torso, but the positive effect goes far beyond that. During Pilates Training, through conscious movement and breathing, you will bring your body and mind into balance, improving your concentration levels while reducing stress.

All of these positive effects of regular training are enhanced and supported by elements of mindfulness and meditation, which are an important part of each and every one of my Pilates classes. I want you to feel completely present in the moment and connected with yourself and your body while exercising.
That's why my studio is called “Ora”, the Italian word for “now”.

Valeria Perrelli

Having studied and previously worked as an engineer, I gathered firsthand experience of the typical problems everyday office life brings along.
I came to Pilates during my time as a project manager and business consultant. I discovered this holistic training not only as an effective antidote to my work-related tension and pain, but also as a way to center myself and align body and mind.
I started my first Pilates Teacher Training in 2017 and found my calling through it. From engineering to Pilates: a radical change, one might think. But maybe the development is not so far-fetched. Moving to Pilates, I have simply shifted my focus from the mechanics of machines to the mechanics of the body. I have come to find the latter significantly more fascinating.


Price List

Single session

95,00 €

Package of 5 sessions

450,00 €

Valid for 3 months
Package of 10 sessions

870,00 €

Valid for 6 months
Package of 20 sessions

1.650,00 €

Valid for 12 months

Each Personal Training session lasts 60 minutes and is carefully prepared and followed-up. Your very first training lasts 75 minutes, because we discuss your goals and do some exercises to evaluate your initial physical condition. I will then develop an individual training program for the following sessions, tailored to your needs and goals.

Optimal results are achieved with at least one personal training session per week, combined with another training session per week, for example a Pilates group class or another sports activity. After 5-10 weeks of regular training, you will feel the positive changes and attain long-lasting improvements. Should regular training not be possible for you, you can of course also treat yourself to an occasional individual session: a special, active break from everyday life - for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Take a look at my various training options under “Pilates Training” in the menu and keep an eye on the booking page for current offers.

Ora Pilates Studio

Valeria Perrelli

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